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In the world of User Experience design there are many fascinating tools used to help test new concepts. Some companies designing new products will build prototypes and get real customers to try them out. Other testing methods include heat mapping and eye tracking. Sometimes groups of people will come together and discuss their reactions to various scenarios presented by the UX design team.


While we might not be able to run a focus group to try out some of your optimized behaviors, we can still borrow a few UX design methodologies. Use your office as your lab and your colleagues are the test subject to try out a few of your strategies and see how people react. Keep notes of your successes and failures. 


In this chapter of the book we will look at how to test out some of the ideas and track your progress. It will be just like testing a new UX, where each step is measured to see if the desired outcome is achieved. We can use this to quantify the improvements we make. 


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