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Before we can improve our personal UX, first we need to be completely objective and honest about where we stand right now. To help make it easier, try to see yourself as someone else. Imagine you are observing a colleague and trying to assess how they are doing in their job. Remove all the emotions. Being objective is one of the keys to Design Thinking as well as relentless questioning. While it isn’t easy to question yourself it is necessary if you want to evolve. 


If you, as an employee, are like a product and colleagues are your customers, then we can use some of the techniques from marketing or the design world to analyze the situation. The first step is to know yourself, know what you are meant to be doing in your job and know what people around expect from you. 


Using something called S.W.O.T. analysis, the book will help you take a look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunties and threats. Once you have a clear picture of your situation we can start coming up with ideas for making improvements or simple adjustments. 

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