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Evolution has no end-point. Whether you are at the start of your career, half-way through or feel like the end is in sight, if you stop growing then the danger is you’ll end up very dissatisfied, bored or worse. Industries change, innovation can disrupt markets or kill them completely. So if you want to keep being relevant and valuable as an employee then you better keep evolving too.


Anyone working in Design Thinking and the field of UX knows that nothing is finite. You have to regularly re-evaluate how you are doing in order to start relevant and competitive. The environment we work in might change, work requirements may be shifting or there may be new people we have to deal with. Your personal UX is a work in progress and you can go back to use some of the tools in the book to see where you’re at. If you really love the career you’ve chosen, you need to constantly ask yourself what your next step should be to bring you closer to the top of your field.


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