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Autocreativity - out now

Announcing the latest ebook from Chris Jones.

Autocreativity: How to make your mark in a cookie cutter world.

We’ve all read inspiring autobiographies by people that have achieved amazing things in their lives. But none of these people appeared fully formed. Brilliance didn’t just happen to them. As George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Autocreativity is a short meditation on the importance of self-determination, not just about doing the hard work to stand out but in how you can shape your identity to become your true self. We’ll meet examples of people from various industries that have stood out - not just by what they did but who they ultimately became. In a world of sameness, they found a way to use their individuality to fuel their success. No matter which industry you work in, if you want to do something original you need to be original yourself. It’s all within us to create the unique person we were meant to be.

Available for Amazon Kindle

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