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Time to recharge and rethink

It's the time of year when many people take some time off to go travelling with family or take a vacation away from it all. Perfect moment to recharge the batteries and prepare yourself for the coming months back at work. OK, maybe you don't want to spend your holiday thinking about your career, but in some ways it's the ideal opportunity. You're away from the craziness and can take a step back to reflect.

I came across this on LinkedIn and feel that it reflects a lot of what I wrote about in The UX of Ikigai is one several Zen Philosophy concepts that is all about finding your Ikigai (translates to a reason for being/ existence). This well illustrated diagram is self explanatory on how you can find your Ikigai. Many Japanese believe that if you strive for it and everything you do in life will be meaningful and beautiful!

Enjoy the break and come back to work with renewed purpose.


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