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Visualize to realize

Being able to picture your future achievements is a powerful tool for reaching your goals. Athletes do it before they take to the track or enter the arena. They see themselves crossing the finish line first or being awarded the perfect score. We can do the same no matter what we want to achieve. Not everyone has a vivid imagination but everyone is capable of putting into words what they would like to happen in the future. In The UX of ME I talk about this and suggest a pen and paper approach for anyone not able to summon up pictures in their mind.

Try it for yourself. Find a quiet moment, get a blank piece of paper and pencil then choose one of the following questions:

  • In an ideal world, what words would you like your boss or colleague to use when describing you?

  • If anything were possible, what would be the highlight of your career in the next 3 years?

  • Which would be the dream company where you’d love to land a job?

Start writing down your answers and as you do try to imagine the scenes where these things happen. Are you standing on a podium receiving a top industry award? Do you see yourself walking into the lobby of a leading company on your first day?

This kind of visualisation can help you tap into your deepest motivations. You'll instinctively feel more excited about certain scenarios you're imagining than others. These are the ones you should hold onto and conjure up as often as possible. Think of these as visual mantras of where you want to be.

Of course visualisation isn't enough on its own. You need to merit the great words of your boss. But knowing how you want people to see you can help you identify why they don't say it right now. As you work through The UX of ME you'll learn how to optimise your strengths or try new behaviours that will allow you to move closer to the goals you're visualising.

To steal a quote from someone slightly wiser than myself > "What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create".

Thanks, that will do nicely Buddha.

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