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Yesterday I spoke at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology at the invitation of visiting professor Ruth Stevens. The course was all about direct marketing and I wanted to show how the rise of digital has transformed the advertising and marketing industry. I showed lots of inspiring examples and case videos that demonstrated how reaching customers today requires truly innovative thinking and bold action.

At the end of my talk, I encouraged all the under-graduate students to become experts in digital marketing and the innovations happening in the industry they are planning to be part of. With so many brands and agencies appointing Chief Innovation Officers, anyone looking to enter the world of marketing could not make a better investment than becoming more knowledgeable about the digital revolution that is showing no sign of slowing.

So what is the number one hot topic in your industry? Make it your business to know everything you can about it. Do your research, have an opinion about it and try to become a real expert. The information is out there online. You just need to make it your goal to seek it out, dedicating time every week to learn what's happening in your industry and what's transforming it. Think of it as going to the gym a few times a week. You'll soon notice the benefits.

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