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Day 1 - A new adventure

After many months of hard work, doubts, distractions and procrastination, my book finally went live this morning. It's the day many kids go back to school and in many ways it's my first day in a new school yard. I've spent so many years doing what I know that it's exciting to throw myself into something completely new. It's an interesting thing to experience and I highly recommend challenging yourself to do something new - no matter how old you are.

A big thank you to everyone that encouraged and helped me get to this point. It has been less than a year since I first had the idea but it feels longer. But this is only the beginning. What happens next is the exciting part.

I'll be giving regular updates on how things progress. If you read the book feel free to share with me your own experiences as I would love to tell your stories as well as my own. Right now, I'll take a moment and stare out the window feeling satisfied.

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