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I’ve spent my whole career in advertising. One thing that is clear from working with some of the world’s most famous brands is that the ones with the most defined personality and purpose are the easiest to develop campaigns (or any branded content, tool or user experience) for. You’ve probably grown up with many of these brands and know what they stand for. If you see a familiar product it immediately conjures up memories and, most importantly, a strong feeling.


Everything matters from the way it looks, how it talks to how it functions, be it something you drink, eat, clean with, use as a tool etc. If it’s a service like an airline, then each time you have an experience it adds to your mental and emotional image of the brand. If you see yourself in the same light, with your colleagues as your customers and you as the product or brand, then it becomes easier to be a little bit more objective about how good your UX is right now. In this chapter of the book you'll be invited to take a step back and be totally honest with yourself so you can make a few adjustments and improvements.

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