For more than 30 years, Chris Jones has worked in the world of advertising as an art director and copywriter. Originally from the UK, he has lived and worked around the world in places such as Paris (where he met and married his wonderful wife), Hong Kong, Sydney and Shanghai.


As well as helping brands sell products through image building, customer engagement and marketing communication, over the years Chris also discovered a unique skill for helping those he worked with become better at selling themselves too. As a mentor, he has developed the ability to identify people’s strengths and give the right advice that enabled them to bring out their best.


With a passion for helping others, Chris has brought together all his experiences to develop a new method that can give anyone, in any industry, the tools to make themselves more competitive.




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Whether you’re at the start of your career or suffering from mid-career crisis, it’s not easy to know how to take the next step. Most companies don’t provide any guidance and few of us find great mentors who help us along the path to success. The fact is, unless we are incredibly gifted or masters of office politics, we can feel limited in our abilities and powerless to change how we are perceived by others.


It’s time to take control of your professional life. To find your purpose and change others’ perceptions. You can define a better version of yourself, optimizing what’s good and minimizing the negative. My book, The UX of ME, utilizes methods from design thinking to make you more valuable as an employee. Leveraging User Experience (a.k.a.UX) techniques that are normally used for product or interface design, you can take control of the way others perceive you as a colleague, a boss, a subordinate or collaborator. Above all, it will allow you to think more deeply about what you really want from your career and how to achieve it.


The UX of ME - Redux. A simpler, more distilled version of the original book. For those looking for new ways to optimize themselves and their career, this three-step approach takes the best elements of the original for a more streamlined methodology.

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UX stands for “user experience”. If you’re not familiar with the term you’ve definitely had your own user experiences, some of them great and some of them terrible. With every product or service you encounter, you are the user and how you interact with it is the user experience. It might be a website, a smartphone operating system, a call center, taking a flight or sitting at the wheel of a car. A team of people has worked hard, sometimes using design thinking, to create the best experience possible. They don’t always succeed.


At work, if we see ourselves as a product or service that has to deliver something valuable, then the people that interact with us could be described as our users. By taking some of the methods from design thinking we can work on our own user experience so our co-workers, collaborators or clients get exactly what they need from us. By optimizing our strengths, minimizing our weakness and constantly improving ourselves, it is possible to become more valuable as an employee and more attractive in the job marketplace. We all have to sell ourselves no matter if we are looking for a new job, a promotion or sometimes just to keep our job. Why not develop more of a competitive edge?


Explore below some of the aspects of The UX of Me method. Click on each image.














Throughout the book you will be prompted to complete certain exercises. These will help you:


1 - analyze where you stand right now


2 – define where you want to go or how you’d like to be perceived by others


3 - test out some of the strategies to reach your goal.


To make it easier you can download PDFs of these worksheets here, print them and put in your own information.




If you'd like to share your experiences, make a comment, ask a question or would like some personal coaching, don't hesitate to drop me a line.
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